09/26/2011 01:56 pm ET Updated Nov 26, 2011

Stephen Hill Catch: Georgia Tech Wide Receiver Makes One-Handed Grab Against UNC (VIDEO)

Playing wide receiver in a triple option offense isn't always the most glamorous way to impress NFL scouts, but Georgia Tech wide receiver Stephen Hill seems to be doing just fine in that department.

In a given football game, a wideout in this style of offense is more likely to throw a cut block than run an actual route. So, when you do get the ball thrown in your direction, you better make the most of it.

Hill did just that towards the end of the first quarter of the Ramblin' Wreck's home game against UNC on Saturday.

Hill went high in order to snatch a ball that sailed on Tech quarterback Tevin Washington, pulling down the catch with one hand. The remarkable grab gave fans visions of another 6'5" wide receiver for the Yellow Jackets with a penchant for one-handed grabs: Calvin Johnson (Watch the video below to see why).

The junior, is off to a great start this season, ranking sixth in the nation with 462 receiving yards while averaging an unbelievable 33 yards per catch.

Georgia Tech would go on to win the ACC contest 35-28. They currently rank first in the nation in yards gained as well as points per game. And with talented pass catchers like this on the field to compliment their outstanding running game, it's really not hard to see why.