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Bill O'Reilly On Roger Ailes' Comments: 'I Get A Kick Out Of It' (VIDEO)

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The tables turn when broadcasters hit the pavement on book tours, offering viewers the opportunity to see their talk show heroes and villains answer questions in the hot seat. Bill O'Reilly, out promoting his latest book, "Killing Lincoln," made at least two stops on Tuesday. One was the Don Imus show. Imus asked him about the comments that their boss, Roger Ailes, had made in a Newsweek interview. Among other things, Ailes said that O'Reilly was "scared" of Glenn Beck, and that he "hates" Sean Hannity. O'Reilly essentially laughed the comments off.

"Roger loves to be a provocateur," he said. "...Why would I have Glenn Beck on my program every Friday and go out on the road with him if I was frightened by him?"

Imus asked about the Hannity comment. "Oh, that's absolutely true," O'Reilly said, before adding, "but I hate everybody."


O'Reilly also stopped by "Good Morning America" to talk politics with George Stephanopoulos. He got right into things, predicting that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will not run (a point with which Christie seems to agree) and that Rick Perry could actually come back after his widely panned debate performance.

O'Reilly told Stephanopoulos that President Obama could lose the election.

"I think that the economy is so bad that if the Republicans run a candidate with credibility, the president will lose unless something happens," he said. "Americans are angry."

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