09/27/2011 01:35 pm ET | Updated Nov 27, 2011

9 Excuses Chris Christie Could Make For Considering A Presidential Run (PHOTOS)

A source close to Chris Christie is saying that the New Jersey governor is at least "considering" a run for president. But since he's been so vocal about not running, he's going to need a fairly ironclad excuse if he changes his mind.

Here at HuffPost Comedy, we like to help. If Governor Christie does decide to get into the race, he's going to have his hands full getting his messaging right on immigration, sending letters of condolence to the Perry, Bachmann and Huntsman campaigns and setting his TiVo for "Jerseylicious." So to help save him some time, we've come up with 9 pretty solid excuses he could use for why he's now running for president.

Just consider it our small way of giving back. You're welcome, Mr. Governor, sir.

Excuses For Why Chris Christie Is Changing His Mind On Running For President