09/27/2011 08:27 pm ET | Updated Nov 27, 2011

Cole Valley Compact Home Hits Market (PHOTOS)

In San Francisco, space is money, and the smart ones adapt. Case in point: this beautiful Cole Valley home that stands boldly -- at just ten feet wide.

The unique home on Shrader Street boasts all of the charms of a luxe San Francisco home (wine cellar, backyard with deck, garage, modern design), but in a slim 1,030-square-feet. There is only one bedroom and one bath, but a slick kitchen and a cozy backyard garden make this the sweetest little house we've seen. And it's ideal for all of you DINKS out there.

While the price isn't cheap for a one-bedroom (the asking price is $849,000), we think the design and location (close enough to walk to the Haight/Castro but far enough for quiet) are worth a look.

Check out pictures from 1415 Shrader Street, courtesy of SFARMLS, in the slideshow below: