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Rick Perry Online Fundraising Reportedly Defying Expectations

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Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry is defying expectations when it comes to online fundraising, according to Wayne Slater at the Dallas Morning News.

Slater reports:

Sometimes money talks better than the candidate, and a good bottom line would demonstrate Perry's political prowess. Word inside the Perry camp is that online fundraising is beating expectations and that he raised $20 million in only three days in his initial funders in Texas and Oklahoma.

A new CNN/ORC poll shows the Texas governor running ahead of rival contenders for the Republican presidential nomination despite recent missteps he's made during debates and on the trail. According to the survey, among Republicans and GOP-leaning independents Perry leads former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney by a margin of 28 percent to 21 percent.

Politico reported earlier this week that Dave Carney, chief political strategist for Perry's campaign, said he hoped the Texas governor would surpass $10 million in fundraising for the quarter. In the second quarter, the Romney campaign took in just over $18 million.

The Washington Post reported last week that Perry is making efforts to reassure donors on the issue of electability in the wake of hitting bumps on the trail.

UPDATE: Politico's Maggie Haberman reports:

I was skeptical earlier about the $20 million figure that Rick Perry supposedly raked in over a matter of days, and multiple sources are saying it's false.

The bar remains $10 million for Perry - a goal his team set and one that, as his top adviser Dave Carney told JMart in our story this week, if they hit their targets, they'll meet.

For more on Rick Perry, browse through the slideshow below:

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