09/27/2011 02:00 pm ET Updated Nov 27, 2011

'Terra Nova' Premiere: FOX's New Family Adventure Drama Is Big On Dino Action

Okay, so maybe the premiere of FOX's "Terra Nova" didn't live up to its hype -- and its $20 million pilot. However, just because it wasn't quite dino-mite, doesn't mean that it did terribly. According to USA Today, the two-hour premiere managed to pull in around 9 million viewers, which is a pretty solid start to the dino action adventure drama.

Yet, with all of the hype -- and a list of big-name executive producers -- the network was surely looking for something much bigger. FOX came in third for the night, trailing behind ABC and CBS. So how can "Terra Nova" stand up to ratings giants like "Dancing With the Stars" and "Two and a Half Men"?

Perhaps a well-timed nip slip might do -- a la Nancy Grace -- or they could always kill off that annoying teenage son (sorry Landon Liboiron) and then replace him with a wondering, mystery teen.

Or, they could add more dinosaurs because to be honest, isn't that why we all tuned in?