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Alessio Rastani, 'Trader From Hell,' Parodied In Animated Video

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Alesso Rastani’s fifteen minutes of fame aren’t quite over yet.

The "independent trader" that told the BBC that he dreams of another recession is now the star of another video from Next Media, chronicling the rise and fall of the "trader from hell."

The animated video begins with Rastani’s appearance on BBC and then describes the outrage from viewers and the response from traders who thought Rastani was just "pointing out the obvious."

The video describes the attempts to discredit Rastani’s appearance as a hoax by showing Rastani in tie-dye and a "Yes Man" t-shirt. For a few hours yesterday, some speculated that Rastani was part of the Yes Men, a prankster group that aims to publicly humiliate corporations, according to the Daily Beast.

The video also depicts information that was originally reported in a Telegraph article, which has since been removed from the Telegraph's site.

Editor's Note: This article has been updated to remove certain information, reported by the Telegraph, regarding Rastani's trading record and his abode, as the original Telegraph article is no longer available at its site.

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