09/28/2011 07:24 pm ET | Updated Nov 28, 2011

Who Got Burned By Amazon's Kindle Fire: The 6 Biggest Losers

Amazon is having a Kindle Fire (sale), and some of its competitors just might be in trouble.

The Amazon tablet, the Kindle Fire, will be released on November 15 for $199, and with the buzz it has garnered, its attractive price point, and Amazon's history of selling loads and loads of handheld devices, it might be time for some companies to recalculate their Q4 earnings or do some soul searching.

We've already gone over the reasons that the iPad might be affected, though instant analysis seems to suggest that Apple shouldn't be worried. Here are the day's REALLY big losers, starting with Amazon's old brick-and-mortar frenemy, Barnes & Noble:

The Biggest Losers In The Kindle Fire Sale