09/28/2011 09:38 am ET | Updated Nov 28, 2011

Green Tips To Save Paper And Money

Paper conservation is serious business. For starters, cutting paper use means saving water. Environment Canada estimates that 39 gallons of water are used to make a single pound of paper. And according to the American Forest and Paper Association, the United States uses a quarter of the world's paper products: more than 748 lbs. per person per year. We go through 68 million trees just to produce all those catalogs and direct mail pieces that most of us toss out.

Fortunately, you can minimize or reduce the paper you use in many painless ways, and save money to boot. Green Dad shows you how with these eight tips, almost all of which you can put to use in about the time it takes you to read this column. So save a copy and see what you can do -- though for the love of trees, don't print it out!

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8 Ways To Cut Paper Use