09/28/2011 03:17 pm ET | Updated Nov 28, 2011

Joy Behar Already Dissing New Husband?

Joy Behar is celebrating the second anniversary of her hit talk show, "The Joy Behar Show," this week and she's been given the best gift she could ask for -- her ratings are up. Plus, she also has someone very special to celebrate with, her new husband Steve Janowitz.

"What do I like more, ratings or being married? Ratings, of course," Behar tells me with a laugh. "It's easier to find a husband than get good ratings."

If that's the case and her numbers keep going in the direction they have been, she might be able to upgrade to George Clooney soon: Behar is up by 43 percent compared to this time last year when it comes to the numbers game. So who are the guests who are helping her do it?

"My favorite guest so far was Catherine Deneuve, because she French kisses; and my least favorite was the Octomom. I was worried she might be having contractions. I wanted to give her an epidural," Behar tells me.

However, on Thursday Behar will find herself in the guest seat when Anderson Cooper makes a surprise appearance and turns the tables on Behar to ask her about her anniversary and very unusual career path. Plus, expect other surprises and video retrospectives.