09/28/2011 11:25 am ET | Updated Nov 28, 2011

Marisa Tomei: I Skinny Dipped With George Clooney (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

What happens at the palazzo stays at the palazzo. Unless you're on national TV.

Marisa Tomei just happened to be in that position on Tuesday night, and well, she just couldn't wait to expose the dirty (or clean!) details of what went down when some of the cast of "The Ides of March" visited George Clooney's home in Lake Como, Italy.

"We wound up all skinny dipping, let's cut to the chase," Tomei said frankly, listing Evan Rachel Wood and, of course, Charlie Rose amongst the nude bathers. Which makes for the second time this week that we've found out that a prominent elder statesman of the media dropped trou to dip in Clooney's waters.

And as for the film that Tomei was promoting, that little political drama that her skinny dipping leader directed and stars in as presidential candidate Mike Morris, it's just about as close Clooney is going to get to running for office.

"Every two years, somebody tries to bring my name up and talk about politics in the real world — 'You should run for governor!'" he told the Los Angeles Times. "I'm not getting in politics. I have no interest in politics — because of the compromises you have to make. I don't have to make those kind of compromises when I get to go to the Sudan or Darfur. I get to come back and sit down in front of the Security Council at the United Nations and say, 'This is right, and this is wrong. Now how you deal with it, I don't know, but this is right and this is wrong.'"

The film premiered in Los Angeles Tuesday night. Lots of beautiful people were there; all were clothed, for better or worse.


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