Shark Drags Kayaker For Half A Mile Off Coast Of Devon, England

09/28/2011 08:31 am ET | Updated Nov 28, 2011

Every once in a while a dull, monotonous activity like fishing can suddenly become a heart-pounding adventure.

Take Rupert Kirkwood, a 51-year-old veterinarian from Devon, England. He was lolling in his kayak for hours before he hooked a shark that dragged him for half a mile, the BBC reported.

It had been a slow day fishing until a 6-foot Tope shark took Kirkwood's mackerel bait and latched onto his line, Sky News TV reported.

Grabbing the rod, Kirkwood held on tight and compared his 30-minute endurance struggle with the 65-pound fish to -- what else? -- a well-known shark movie from 1975.

"It was a rather satisfying 'Jaws'-type of thing," he told the BBC.

The predator eventually tired itself out and Kirkwood hauled it onto his kayak to take pictures before releasing it.


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