09/28/2011 04:12 pm ET | Updated Nov 28, 2011

Which Celebrity Will Southwest Kick Off A Flight Next & Why? (PHOTOS)

First Kevin Smith. Then Billie Joe Armstrong. Now, Leisha Hailey of "The L Word." Is there any celebrity Southwest airlines won't kick off a flight?

Whether you're overweight, wearing the pants of your choice or have the nerve to show affection to your significant other, if you're a celebrity you might want to watch yourself when flying the now notorious airline. We at HuffPost Comedy figured we'd help prevent future mishaps by putting together this list of at-risk celebs and the reasons they'll probably get kicked off one day.

George Takei is already planning how he'll get removed from a Southwest flight, but what do you think about these folks? Vote for the celebrity/offense most likely to get the boot.