09/29/2011 02:03 pm ET | Updated Nov 29, 2011

Chicken Tenders, Cookies Get The Scoop Treatment

A few years back, it seemed like every chip in town transformed from triangular snacks to scoop-shapes bites, perfect for holding mounds of salsa or cheese dip. Now, other food types are getting in the game as well.

Reddit points us to cookie bowls, made by turning muffin pans upside down and putting the dough around the bottom of the pan (and thus baking the pan upside down as well). These cookie bowls are then perfect for holding ice cream, fruit, etc.

While these cookie bowls are fun and cute, the new Dip'N Chick'N from Popeye's is a bit more disturbing -- last time we checked chicken wasn't so...bendable. The press release highlights the "unique scoop shape" and the fact that chicken breast fillets are "cut into perfect chicken dippers."

If this scoop thing is going to become a trend, will there be backlash in which round foods get flattened? We're hoping not; flat matzoh balls or croquettes are no friend of ours.