09/29/2011 05:52 pm ET | Updated Nov 29, 2011

A Fine Line: Is Religious Real Estate Kosher?

While common in cosmopolitan cities like New York, eruvin exist nearly everywhere that observant Jewish communities call home. A quick perusal of a publicly updated directory shows eruv-enclosed communities in cities as varied as Las Vegas, Cincinnati and Memphis. (See the full list here.) Many renters and homeowners might be surprised to discover that their own property is located within these sanctified spaces -- and only the most eagle-eyed among them might spot the wire boundaries.

But it's not their appearance that has some groups up in arms. In Tenafly, N.J., where an eruv was erected more than a decade ago, the controversy has splintered into quarrels over First Amendment rights and religious imagery in public. From there, assertions of prejudice were not far behind. A 2002 lawsuit claims that some residents were concerned that the eruv would "attract more Orthodox Jews to the area." Read more at AOL Real Estate..

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