10/01/2011 02:24 pm ET | Updated Dec 01, 2011

Boston Bus Ad Accidentally Mocks Red Sox 'Postseason' (PHOTO)

Talk about adding insult to injury.

This bus ad seems to have appeared in Boston recently (whether or not it stuck around after the team's epic collapse we don't know), and has since been going incredibly viral across the internet. Though we can't prove that the ad, which more than implies that the Red Sox would be in the playoffs, is real, it did appear on Reddit on Friday, however.

It seems TBS jumped the gun a little bit. But could you blame them? On September 1, the Sox still held a slim edge over the Yankees for the division lead, and no one could have foreseen the epic collapse that left them a game out in the Wild Card standings.

Yet still, it could have been worse. At least the ad doesn't feature Terry Francona as well.

The Ad: