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Arsenal Vs. Tottenham LIVE UPDATES

The first edition of the North London derby came in 1887 when it wasn't exactly a North London Derby at all as Royal Arsenal -- as they were known at the time -- were based in Plumstead.

That match was a "friendly," but over the years the atmosphere has been anything but friendly when these two heated rivals meet. Eventually the Gunners and Spurs were located just four miles apart in North London. Arsenal played at Highbury and Tottenham at White Hart Lane. The distance was short but the animosity deep and wide.

With Arsenal stumbling out of the gate, Spurs are keen on finishing atop their rivals for the first time in more than a decade. A victory today at White Hart Lane would certainly help that ambition.

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Fulltime Report: Arsenal

There are any number of ways to view this 2-1 defeat at White Hart Lane for the Gunners. And they are all bad.

1) Unfair loss as they dominated possession and were undone by a goalkeeper gaffe and a goal scored by way of a hand ball.

2) Deserved Loss. 'Nuff said.

3) Blown chance by Gervinho sums up game in which the better team just didn't get the result they worked to earn.

No matter how you crack it, Arsenal and its fans can't be pleased. It's either same old Gunners who are all pretty buildup but no finishing in final third or it's whinging about wasted opportunities and possession. Or, even worse, this result signals that Spurs are just flat-out better.

On the bright side, Arsenal possessed the ball and controlled the midfield for long stretches. Coquelin looked terrific and the goalkeeper made smart saves early on. Down a goal at the break, Arsenal showed the fortitude to equalize.

On the down side, the goalscorer created nearly as many chances for Spurs as he did for his own side. The defense unraveled late and never looked particularly solid. Oh, and Sagna picked up what appears to be a serious injury. Wenger was out-managed as Sandro sub for Spurs tilted field.

After this, Gunners are bottom six. That probably says more than all of this.

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WATCH: Van der Vaart Goal

totten10577 by arsenalist

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Fulltime Report: Tottenham

This is an immense result for Spurs, pushing them into top six while dropping their most hated rival into the bottom six.

Adebayor and Tottenham looked dangerous in the early minutes and in the counterattack through the match. While Arsenal would eventually control the midfield for the duration of the first half, Van der Vaart scored -- perhaps aided by a bit of his arm -- a goal from Adebayor that opened the scoring. Leading at the half at home, Tottenham would have been pleased.

Arsenal's midfield control was reward early in second half as Ramey crashed one home to level. But Spurs didn't succumb to the pressure and kept at it. A wise substitution saw Sandro onto the field and that move changed the tone.

Kyle Walker's stunning long-distance game winner may have been the result of some lackluster goalkeeping and a bit unlucky for visitors but the way that Tottenham closed the match surely made the result seem appropriate. Bale marauded down the left for Spurs as his side made up the possession percentage difference in the final stages.

A hard won result that seems to signal a power shift in this derby.

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To Sum Up

@ henrywinter : Big win for #thfc. Parker immense. Bale good when Sagna off. Adebayor worked hard. Walker good attacking rb. Friedel astute signing

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@ back_of_the_net : FT 2-1 Spurs. As Tottenham fans celebrate, we get a visual reminder of why clothes were invented.

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Personnel Deployment

@ Trop_briefly : GNev: "Van Persie went back for the set piece, & Mertesacker stayed up. Don't see the sense in that." Well, it keeps him out of the defence.

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@ FOXSoccerTrax : As it stands, Arsenal will be in 15th; Spurs in 6th. I'll have the full table for you at close of play.

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@ OptaJoe : 3 - Spurs have won three of their last four league meetings with Arsenal for the first time since 1974. Shift

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North London Swap

@ metalvicar : I really think the Tottingham fans should start singing 'Are you Tottenham in disguise?' at Arsenal. It would make reality break.

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The unexpected strike from Walker at distance is the difference.