10/02/2011 05:17 pm ET Updated Dec 02, 2011

Special Needs Teacher Accused Of Using Vinegar-Soaked Cotton Balls To Discipline Students (VIDEO)

A Katy, Texas, special needs teacher is under fire for allegedly engaging in some highly questionable discipline practices.

According to KPRC, Pam Manning, a teacher at Exley Elementary, and two aides have been accused of soaking cotton balls in vinegar and forcing students to hold them in their mouths, as a form of discipline. The practice came to light after one parent reported witnessing it first-hand.

The accused have since been removed from the classroom. Manning is currently on contract arbitration with the district, KPRC said.

"The things that these folks have been alleged to have been engaged in were not approved by the parents, were not condoned by the school district," school district spokesman Steve Stanford told the local news station. "That is why they have been removed from the classroom and we have taken the steps that we have."

At this point it's unclear how many students were forced to endure the punishment, according to KHOU Houston. The school district says school officials had visited the classroom on numerous occasions but saw no evidence of the practices. Officials posted this announcement on the district's site to address the issue for concerned parents.