10/03/2011 07:38 am ET | Updated Dec 03, 2011

Best Athlete Commercials: LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan And Top Sports Ads Of All-Time (VIDEO)

Michael Jordan is famous for playing basketball. His indefatigable athleticism and unfailing competitive spirit combined to make him unlike any player before -- and likely ever. But a case can certainly made that Nike, McDonald's and Gatorade were just as responsible as Jordan's hoops prowess for kids around the world wanting to "be like Mike."

While fame for athletes grows from their sporting accomplishments it is very often their smile and sense of humor in advertisements that helps fans feel like they really know them. In the generation after Jordan, companies are investing more in endorsements than ever before.

From the iconic "Bo Knows" campaign that Wieden+Kennedy produced with Nike in 1989 and the memorable "This Is Sportscenter" commercials aired by ESPN through the years to the recent MLB 2K11 commercial starring bearded San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson, we are certainly in a golden era of athlete advertisements.

Here are some of the most iconic athlete commercials of all-time. Vote on your favorites and let us know if we missed any legendary spots.

Best Athlete Commercials Of All-Time