Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski Debate Rick Perry N-Word Controversy (VIDEO)

10/03/2011 09:38 am 09:38:00 | Updated Dec 03, 2011

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski disagreed on Monday morning over the significance of a blockbuster story about Rick Perry in Sunday's Washington Post.

The story revealed that Perry's family held the lease to a Texas hunting camp that was known by the name "Niggerhead," with that word painted on a rock outside the gate of the camp. Though Perry said that the name had been painted over right away, the paper spoke to many others who recalled seeing the name years after his family purchased the camp.

Scarborough, a longtime critic of Perry's, thought that the Post had a hot scoop on its hands. Brzezinski did not seem so convinced. She read out the news about the camp, and then turned to some controversial comments Perry made about invading Mexico.

"Now we've got some news here," she said. "You don't think that's news?" Scarborough asked. Brzezinski said she did, sort of, but that the "Mexico thing" was more interesting.

"Do you think the word that is on the rock is a word that Rick Perry is running around screaming at people?" she asked.

"It's not just a name on the rock," Scarborough said. He said that if he had seen that name on a rock outside a place he was thinking of buying, he would have, at the very least, gotten rid of it immediately. Moreover, he said that the issue showed so much "racial insensitivity" that it was "disqualifying" for Perry.

Brzezinski defended Perry. "Is it representative of his thinking?" she said.


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