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Hoda Tries To Corral Khloe Kardashian On 'Today' (VIDEO)

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Khloe Kardashian filled in for Kathie Lee Gifford Monday morning on TODAY's fourth hour, making her the first of a staggering five Kardashians to cohost the show's fourth hour with Hoda Kotb this week. Hoda spent most of the time trying to keep Khloe on track, and...she basically failed. But it was still prime fourth hour craziness!

In a packed hour, Hoda and Khloe chatted with Kathy Bates, visited with Tim McGraw, talked reality show marriages with Andy Cohen, and dished on all things Kardashian. This included new brother-in-law Kris Humphries, her husband of two years Lamar Odom, the scheduling difficulties involved as she the NBA star try to get pregnant, and last but certainly not least, her husband's hilarious and at times detrimental challenges with technology.

Khloe told Hoda that she had to teach Odom how use a computer and get on Twitter. She then discussed an embarrassing blunder that occurred during a text message conversation between the couple.

After clarifying the definition of "sexting," Khloe divulged, "we were sexting, and he accidentally sent [the text] to a teammate…that's how bad he is with technology, he sends it to the wrong person!" Sexting, according to Kardashian, involves "intimate" language and no photos. (Uh...TMI!)

Other highlights of the hour included Khloe sharing one of her husband's most annoying habits (he falls asleep eating chocolate and drools chocolate all over her custom-made sheets) and Andy Cohen complimenting Khloe's "backside." He told her, "you have a juicy booty and I have a tiny hiney!"

What is there to say after that?


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