New York Wine & Food Festival 2011: A Wrap-Up

10/03/2011 06:46 pm ET | Updated Dec 03, 2011

This past weekend, there was one game in town as far as the food world went: the 2011 New York Wine & Food Festival. It could not have been a good few days to visit restaurants in other cities; seemingly every major chef in the country came to Manhattan, whether to give out food at one of the major events or host a more intimate demo. Early estimates for festival attendance were in the range of 40,000 paying attendees -- meaning many hundreds of thousands of dollars for hunger relief charities, not to mention far too much food for us at HuffPost Food. Now that the festival has come to a close, we all could use a juice cleanse and a few sessions with a personal trainer. But until we start our liquid diet, we can at least feast, in our memories, on the food we ate. Here are some of the highlights of the calorie-heavy festival: