10/03/2011 11:16 am ET | Updated Dec 03, 2011

Alex Schibli Buys Rat Island For $160,000

NEW YORK -- Alex Schibli, a 71-year old man from the Bronx, is now the proud owner of Rat Island.

As far as private islands go, New York City's Rat Island isn't exactly luxurious. It's really just a pile of rocks that once housed quarantined typhoid patients.

But the island sold at auction Sunday for $160,000. Real estate agent Ozzie Crisalli says he doesn't know what the buyer has planned for it.

The electric and amenity free property has been up for sale by owner Red Brennan since 2009.

Schibli explained to The Post:

I can see (Rat Island) from my window. My wife and I kayak around it all the time. I feel like it has always belonged to me. It’s so lovely out here. You wouldn’t even believe you were in New York. And there are no rats at all!...Once I knew it was up for sale, I just had to have it.

Rat Island is located off City Island in the Bronx. It boasts 360-degree views of the water and measures about 2 1/2 acres – during low tide.