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Steve Reich's 75th Birthday Track: New York Counterpoint

The Huffington Post     Mallika Rao
First Posted: 10/03/11 02:35 PM ET Updated: 12/03/11 05:12 AM ET

Steve Reich, modernist composer and grandfather of electronica, turns 75 today. To understand the mystery of this moment, it helps to consider that the same year Reich released a Pulitzer-winning album featuring the technically novel multiplication of composite recordings, fellow 1936-born famous person John McCain admitted he didn't know how to use a computer. In the throwdown of the 75 year olds, Reich wins as the only one who'd actually know what the word "throwdown" means.

To honor Reich's young soul, we've posted a recording of his "New York Counterpoint" below, recorded by the San Francisco Conservatory of Music's clarinet studio. The 1985 composition has an interesting pop culture trivia background: in '95, an MIT student performance of the piece featured a solo by a young man named Eran Egozy. Ergozy went on to invent Guitar Hero. So there you go. Relevancy! Rock on with your septuagenerian self, Steve Reich.

LISTEN to "New York Counterpoint":