Ann Curry, Ellen DeGeneres Prank Unsuspecting Tourists (VIDEO)

10/04/2011 12:20 pm ET | Updated Dec 04, 2011

Ann Curry interviewed some tourists at Universal Studios on Monday, and they might have been confused by the way she pressed her microphone against their foreheads and yawned mid-interview.

Her antics were all part of a prank planned by Ellen DeGeneres, and they were hilarious. Ellen had Ann on her Monday show after her "Today Show" interview about her new book. As her fans already know, Ellen loves a good prank. She routinely hides in bathrooms to scare guests (Meredith Vieira let out an expletive after her attack) and also instructs her guests via earphone to say and do weird things in front of unsuspecting people.

Ellen went with the second option on Monday. Ann could barely contain her laughter as Ellen told her to press her microphone right up against one tourists' mouth. The prank also had her asking a father and his three children if they were quadruplets and touching their hair, and laughing maniacally after saying that her favorite food was curry.

After messing up one dad's hair which she called "particularly soft," Ann said, "I'm sorry." The dad had Ellen's audience in stitches when he answered, "You didn't look like you were sorry when you were doing it."

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In the bonus outtakes, Ann also asked two tourists for five adjectives to describe Matt Lauer. Their responses included: "intelligent," "handsome," "important," "interesting, "tall" and "hairless."

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