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Cyber Bullying: Real Teen Stories (VIDEO)    
First Posted: 10/04/11 02:29 AM ET Updated: 12/03/11 05:12 AM ET

Six out of 10 American teens witness bullying every day.

What if one movement set out to change that?

WeStopHate is a nonprofit program created by 17-year-old Emily-Anne Rigal to raise teen-esteem through online videos and social media.

Here are ten powerful videos from real teens on the WeStopHate YouTube Channel. If these inspire you, head over to the official site to play your part.

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  • These Teens Stop Hate!

    You're Be-you-tiful!

  • momo055650

    "Every person on this planet has a flaw, whether or not you want to admit it." <br> <em></em> </br>

  • AlyxJW

    "I guess I'm not exactly your average 16-year- old boy.. I pretty much have Hello Kitty everything!" <br> <em></em> </br>

  • taylorscreamsrawrr

    "This life is yours. Nobody else's. Not your parents', not your friends', not your grandma's, nobody's. Just yours." <br> <em></em> </br>

  • JJWebShows101

    "People will treat you the way you feel about yourself." <br> <em></em> </br>

  • Meghan

    "It's only four years of your life... be who you are, that's what draws people to you." <br> <em></em> </br>

  • TiffanyWilliam

    "I am the kind of kid that still pulls the door when it says push." <br> <em></em></br>

  • Gabby and Brianna

    "Nobody has the ability to make you feel less than you are. They're Jelly! " <br> <em></em> </br>

  • MisterKenzie - WeStopHate

    "I know people tell you to be yourself, and you may not know who that is at the moment, but you will." <br><em></em></br>

  • Dani California - WeStopHate

    "Make a list. Make a list of anything and everything you like about yourself." <br> <em></em></br>


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