10/04/2011 05:12 pm ET | Updated Dec 04, 2011

Martha Stewart: Daughter Alexis' New Book Is 'Irreverent' and 'Lots Of Fun' (VIDEO)

Martha Stewart kicked off her show Tuesday by laughing off her allegedly less-than-graceful moments that daughter Alexis Stewart revealed in her new tell-all book, "Whateverland: Learning To Live Here."

"It's not an autobiography, let's get that straight right now," Martha told her audience while shaking her finger in a typical mommy-knows-best fashion.

US Weekly interviewed Alexis and according to the talk show host and domestic powerhouse, they "chose not to print her answers for some reason!" Martha took it upon herself to read her daughter's responses which paint a different picture and justify some of the ridiculous claims, like Martha pretending to be out of the house during Halloween to avoid trick-or-treaters (don't worry, Alexis was allowed to wear her grandmother's costume jewelry as a child and still pretends that she is not home on Halloween to this day).

When asked about the lack of prepared food in the house, Alexis told US Weekly that, "it turned out to be a good thing." Martha further confirmed this and explained that, "if you wanted to eat had to cook something, that was the whole idea...Alexis is a superb cook!"

Martha also reacted to Alexis' claim that she grew up with a "glue gun pointed to her head" as the daughter of a perfectionist.

Smiling, Martha told the audience that there were no glue guns around when Alexis was a child. "She was twenty-something when I first started working with glue guns and making my Christmas book!"

The real shocker in Alexis' new book, however, was not in how Martha ran her kitchen or her perfectionist-like behavior. It was definitely that she urinated with the bathroom door open, which Stewart did not address on her show and remains a mystery.