10/04/2011 06:01 pm ET | Updated Dec 04, 2011

Obama, Quinn Job Approval Ratings Dip In Illinois

Job approval ratings for both President Barack Obama and Governor Pat Quinn, both Democrats, are dipping low in their home state.

According to a FOX Chicago/We Ask America poll conducted late last month, job approval for President Obama has dipped just below 50 percent among registered Illinois voters. Though Obama still leads all of his leading Republican challengers, his lead is nowhere near the large margin of victory he held over John McCain in the historic fall 2008 election.

The job approval numbers mark a five percent drop since We Ask America's previous poll of registered voters in Illinois in July, but still remain higher than the national average. A HuffPost-Pollster trend estimate last put his approval rating at 41.9 percent. By comparison, fall 2010 exit polling estimated Obama's job approval rating at 44 percent nationally, while 54 percent disapproved.

Incidentally, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney appeared to have fared the best of Obama's Republican rivals among Illinois voters, garnering 35 percent support compared to Obama's 50. Herman Cain, the Illinois Tea Party's recent straw poll winner, only attracted 30 percent support against Obama's 53 percent.

The HuffPost-Pollster analysis also estimated that Obama continues to outpace the Republican presidential candidates by just under 4 percentage points.

At the state level, the same poll also showed Governor Quinn struggling, as only 29.6 percent of registered voters approved of his job performance, while another 60 percent disapproved. Quinn has faced criticism over the income tax hike, lingering unemployment and a number of other issues.

Quinn's drop in approval marks a less steep decline than Obama's, however. In March, the last time We Ask America polled Illinoisans on their governor's job performance, still just 30.6 percent of registered voters approved. He is up for re-election in 2014.