Exclusive: 'South Park' Creators Matt Stone & Trey Parker Crash NYU Class For MTVU 'Stand In' (VIDEO)

10/04/2011 09:08 am ET | Updated Dec 04, 2011

No wonder New York University ranks as one of the top dream schools in the U.S. With guest professors like "South Park" creators -- and Tony winning "Book of Mormon" creators -- Matt Stone and Trey Parker, how do these kids get any work done?!

With mtvU cameras in-tow, Stone and Parker hit the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU to surprise a room of freshmen on their first day of Professor Liotti’s “Storytelling Strategies” class. Liotti’s class at NYU is a mandatory introductory course designed to equip aspiring filmmakers with the tools to create successful narrative screenplays that resonate with the an audience.

As the group of new students shuffled into the screening room where their class is scheduled to meet regularly, they were told to disregard the video cameras positioned at the back of the classroom which were recording for an NYU promotional commercial. But the NYU newbies quickly caught on.

The freshman gasped in true disbelief as Stone and Parker took over Professor Liotti’s position for the duration of the class. Commence the humble brag tweeting (#humblebrag!!!).

See guys, class isn't so bad right?

The "South Park" duo are the latest to participate as guests in mtvU’s “Stand In” series. Each edition of the program features a guest professor teaching a class unique to their own experience and background. Previous participants include Madonna, Kanye West, John Legend, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Russell Simmons, author Tom Wolfe, rapper Nas, Marilyn Manson, Snoop Dogg, Senator John McCain, and Sting.

“Stand In" premieres on mtvU and mtvU.com Oct. 4 at 12PM EST. All new “South Park” episodes premiere Oct. 5 at 10PM ET on Comedy Central.


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