10/05/2011 09:13 am ET | Updated Dec 05, 2011

Bryan Mills Blocked Kick Return: Pacific University's Head Up Play Results In Unlikely Score (VIDEO)

Lewis & Clark University is named for the pair of pioneering Americans who explored the interior of the continent as they made their way to the Pacific Ocean. On Saturday, L&C's aptly-named Pioneers football team visited Pacific University. Hmmm....

This time around it was Pacific's Bryan Mills who made a long, arduous cross-field trek.

After Pacific blocked a point after attempt in the first quarter, a Lewis & Clark player picked up the ball. But he threw it to the ground and began walking to the sidelines, along with every other player on the field -- except Mills. Noticing that his opponent had carelessly discarded the ball, the sophomore defensive back picked it up immediately and began making his way down the sideline. He caught everyone off-guard, including the game's play-by-play team.

While Mills' attention to detail was impressive, his attempt to return the ball for two points seemed like it wasn't going to get very far. Members of the Lewis & Clark special teams unit caught up with Mills around their 40-yard-line, but remarkably, he was able to break four tackles on his way to the end zone.

Mills' effort, while spectacular, wasn't enough as his team would ultimately fall to Lewis & Clark 61-35. On the other hand, it was impressive enough to garner the honor of being named SportsCenter's top play, providing some much needed publicity for a Pacific football program that is just in its second year of action after taking a 17-year hiatus from the sport.