10/05/2011 03:00 pm ET | Updated Dec 05, 2011

Kim Kardashian Might Have Copied Alexis Bitter's Jewelry Designs

Copycatting another designer's ideas never turns out well.. especially when that designer often lends you nice jewelry.

Because as Kim Kardashian learned recently, that designer will take away all those nice, free jewels and badmouth you to the press.

The New York Post reported that Alexis Bittar, a favorite jewelry designer of the fashion crowd, will no longer lend the famous reality star his pieces because she may be copying them for her own jewelry line, Belle Noel.

Bittar said that the Belle Noel pieces currently sold in Dash, the Kardashian-owned boutique, look a little too familiar, telling the Post:

"They are not designers and they are just stealing. I passed the Dash pop up store on Broadway, and I saw that Kim’s pieces were very similar to mine, and she definitely has been taking note (of my designs)."

Pure coincidence? That's what Kim's Belle Noel reps say. But Bittar maintains that Kim's stealing and thus has cut her from his lending list. Said Bittar, "The tricky thing is that we have sent pieces to Kim in the past to wear, so now I have told my staff we cannot send anything to her."

That's a real shame, considering Kim doesn't really have that much jewelry and no means of acquiring any more. Whatever shall she do now?

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