Steve Jobs' Death: Warren Buffett, Other Business Leaders React

10/05/2011 11:21 pm ET | Updated Dec 05, 2011

Hailed as a visionary innovator, Steve Jobs, CEO and co-founder of Apple, built the company in his image and changed the way users interact with computers, listen to music, and talk on their phones.

Almost immediately after news of his death became public on Apple’s website on Wednesday, reactions from politicians, celebrities and ordinary Americans began pouring in. Jobs’ fellow business leaders were also quick to react to news of the CEOs passing.

Statements and Twitter postings came from business leaders such as Jobs’ rival Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and famed billionaire investor Warren Buffett. In the messages, the business community praised Jobs both for his managerial and leadership skills as well as his ability to push just a little farther.

Here are business leaders’ reactions to Steve Jobs’ death:

Business Leaders Reflect On Steve Jobs

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