10/06/2011 03:46 pm ET | Updated Dec 06, 2011

Barbara Sheehan Acquitted Of Killing Ex-NYPD Husband

The Queens woman who fatally shot her husband, a retired NYPD officer, in July 2008 was found not guilty of second-degree murder Thursday afternoon.

50-year old Barbara Sheehan admitted to shooting her husband Raymond Sheehan 11 times with two handguns, but claimed she acted out of self-defense.

CBS New York reports that Sheehan said her husband, who kept two loaded guns with him at all times, had pointed a loaded gun to her head while she was in the shower. After years of abuse, Sheehan said she knew her husband's threats were serious and therefore she took action.

However, prosectors attempted to portray Sheehan as a woman who, according to The New York Daily News, "despised" her husband and that she was seeking to claim money from his life insurance policies. They also said Sheehan had grown angry because he allegedly forced her into unwanted sexual activity with other couples.

Since the February 2008 shooting, Sheehan's trial gained nationwide attention, specifically from domestic violence activists.

Sheehan was found guilty of a lesser gun charge.