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Dog Digs Up Suspected Human Remains At Hammond, Ind. Demolition Site (VIDEO)

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Police in Hammond, Ind., have launched an investigation after a local dog unearthed what appeared to be a finger bone at the site of a demolished building.

Kim Mikulski reportedly let her Rottweiler dog, named Brutus, out around 4:15 p.m. Wednesday. He returned with a grisly surprise for his owner: Suspected human remains.

As the Chicago Sun-Times reports, when Mikulski urged the dog to lead her to where he found the finger, he directed them to a demolition site on the 1700 block of Indianapolis Boulevard, next door to her home. When Brutus proceeded to continue digging, he next uncovered what appeared to be a human skull.

Mikulski's boyfriend Mike Bender described the scene to the Northwest Indiana Times:

"I took him over there and told him to show me his bone," Bender said. "I pulled up a piece of plastic where he was digging and there was a skull."

Police arriving at the scene contacted the Lake County coroner's office with instructions to pick up the discovered remains, including the suspected finger -- which had a ring on it. Bender told authorities that the site's building, which used to house a bait and tackle shop, had been vacant for about a decade before its demolition began last week, the Times reports.

A forensic anthropologist plans to inspect the site further Thursday. Pending that investigation, police have not yet confirmed the remains as human, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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