10/06/2011 12:35 pm ET | Updated Dec 06, 2011

Greta Van Susteren: Occupy Wall Street Is 'Peaceful,' Exercises First Amendment

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren defended Occupy Wall Street and stated that peaceful protest is an exercise of the first amendment and something to stand by, regardless of differing opinions.

While not referring to the protests directly, it seemed clear that Van Susteren was discussing Occupy Wall Street.

"You may disagree with peaceful protesters' view points (now or with other protests), but don't tread on the First Amendment," Van Susteren wrote. She continued, "that is a very dangerous slippery slope." She went even further to praise the United States government for their reaction to peaceful protest and tolerance for such demonstrations. "Compare it to Syria," she said.

Van Susteren's response is a departure from that of some of her Fox News colleagues. Bill O'Reilly slammed the protesters on Monday while talking with Juan Williams. O'Reilly told Williams that the protesters are jobless "because they don't want to work." He added, "if you have a college degree in this country, unemployment is 4.5 percent...they all have to do is take a shower and they can get a job if they went to college." Sean Hannity also interviewed an Occupy Wall Street protester on his radio show last week, calling her a "Marxist" and telling her that she "does not believe in freedom."