10/10/2011 07:53 am ET | Updated Dec 06, 2011

Vistas : The Importance Of Language For Latino Identity And Culture

There are some who argue as to the fundamental need for speaking Spanish in order to maintain a strong connection to the shared, root elements of Latino culture (and perhaps conveniently forgetting African and indigenous roots in this equation).

Others insist that language alone cannot define who's 'in' or who's 'out.'

Either way, then what is the role - and impact - of bilingualism in our evolving Latino identity?

Does the growing trend of bilingualism among Hispanics bode well for our future as a distinct group within the U.S.? Does it create a schism within the community, or help bridge across generations and acculturation? Does bilingualism represent a one-way street? Or a multi-lane highway?

In the slideshow below we present some perspectives shared with The Huffington Post regarding this topic, and invite you to share your own thoughts, comments and puntos de vista.

Vistas is a regular feature of HuffPost LatinoVoices where we ask prominent Latino thinkers and doers for their perspective on a theme, issue or event which is often cause for a significant discussion within our community and beyond.

Recognizing that Latinos are not a homogeneous group, and yet share a broad range of experiences and legacies, Vistas simply aims to help illustrate different points of view, which in aggregate can present a truer reflection of what the larger Hispanic community feels and thinks.


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