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Mountain Lion Captured Near Dorms On CU-Boulder Campus

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A mountain lion, that witnesses say was approximately 4 feet long, was found and tranquilized on the University of Colorado Boulder campus, Wednesday afternoon, the Daily Camera reports.

The cougar found its way into the Kittredge residence hall complex and was spotted in a tree next to a pedestrian bridge around 2 p.m., according to 7News. Officials from Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks as well as Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife were called in while dozens of curious students were sent back inside their residence halls until the animal was contained.

Wildlife officials shot the mountain lion with a tranquilizer dart and after about 10 minutes the cat fell out of the tree and was loaded into a truck, The Denver Post reports. The young male lion was about 110 pounds, roughly a year old and was in healthy condition. Officials planned to fit the animal with a tracking collar upon its release as part of the Front Range Mountain Lion Study.

Jennifer Churchill, a spokesperson for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, told Fox31 that this cat’s trip to the city wasn’t that unusual. “When they get kicked out of being raised by their mother,” Churchill said, “they tend to move very far and wide, actually looking for new territory.”