Silvio Berlusconi's New Party Name Suggestion

10/06/2011 06:54 pm ET | Updated Dec 06, 2011
  • Alana Horowitz The Huffington Post

His approval ratings may be tanking, but that doesn't mean Silvio Berlusconi has lost his sense of humor.

According to The Daily Mail, the scandal-inflicted Italian prime minister joked on Thursday that his party should change its name from 'Go Italy' to 'Go Pussy!'

The comments came in the middle of a discussion with lawmakers over a potential party name change. 'Go Italy' has dipped in the polls, though that might have more to do with current events than semantics.

This week, Moody's downgraded Italy's bond rating and protests erupted throughout the country over deep austerity cuts.

Berlusconi's colleagues were largely unfeathered by the premier's trademark vulgarity. He routinely makes jokes about his infamous sex life. Earlier this year, Berlusconi crudely joked about having sex with his secretary on a table, The Daily Mail reports. Just last month, the prime minister also came under fire for allegedly making a vulgar comment about German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"I have to say Berlusconi's latest quip wasn't bad," said one Italian lawmaker, "'Go Pussy!' just about sums up his lifestyle and his way of doing politics."