Star Wars Public Service Announcement: What To Tell Your Kids About The Saga (VIDEO)

10/06/2011 05:22 pm ET | Updated Dec 06, 2011
  • Asylum

It's never too early to introduce your child to "Star Wars."

The Blu-Ray release of all six films from the blockbuster saga reopened debate over George Lucas's tendency to alter and revise scenes from the series. That's why we at Huff/Post50 thought it appropriate to revisit this hilarious PSA spoof from

In the video, stone-faced fathers discuss the importance of having an open and healthy conversation about "Star Wars," and the lessons that must be passed on to this naive and vulnerable generation of youngsters, including:

  1. Jar Jar Binks Is Not Cool (In fact, he might be the worst idea Lucas has had since "Howard The Duck")
  2. Han Shot First (The man is a smuggler in debt to a 500-pound gangster, not a trigger-shy victim)
  3. When Anakin Appears As A Ghost He's An Old Man ("Not the guy from shattered glass")

And don't forget to tell your kids: "The force is a mysterious power that flows through all of us and binds us all together."