Steve Jobs Biography Release Date Moved To Oct. 24 Following Apple Co-Founder's Death, Pre-orders Soar

10/06/2011 11:35 am ET | Updated Dec 06, 2011

The release date for Steve Jobs' biography was moved up to Oct. 24 after the co-founder's death Wednesday. Pre-orders for the book skyrocketed within hours of the news, the Associated Press reports.

Publisher Simon & Schuster made the announcement Thursday morning.

The book was previously set to hit shelves on Nov. 21, a date that had already been pushed up following the former CEO's retirement announcement in late August. The original release date was March 6, 2012, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The book was at the top of the iTunes books best-seller list Thursday, the Associated Press points out, while Mac Rumors states that it is currently the best-selling book on Amazon, with a sales leap of nearly 40,000% from the previous day.

Another book featuring Jobs' most memorable quotes is due out Nov. 15, according to Agate Publishing, Inc's website."I, Steve: Steve Jobs In His Own Words," will feature 200 quotes on business, culture, life and more, from the tech titan.

Isaacson's biography on Jobs was going to be titled, "iSteve," ABC News reports, but publishers opted for a straightforward name.

The biography's cover includes the memorable photo Apple used on its website Wednesday evening to commemorate the former CEO.