10/06/2011 09:15 pm ET | Updated Dec 06, 2011

Steve Jobs Tribute: ‘Goodnight IPad' Book (VIDEO)

Video produced by The Other House

In the grand tradition of "Go The F**k To Sleep," comes a new parody for bedtime. And today, this one goes straight for the heartstrings.

We all remember being tucked into bed, listening to someone read “Goodnight Moon.” Now there's a twist, for a new generation, on Margaret Wise Brown's 1947 classic book. “Goodnight iPad” by “Ann Droyd” (get it?) reminds us how many beeping, flashing, whizzing gadgets our children part with when they (finally) go to sleep.

As we mourn Steve Jobs, the parody takes on a different tone. It goes to show how much everything he created changed our lives, including how we say goodnight. Below are a few pages from the new book that -- when taken out of context -- are a more-than-fitting tribute.

Good Night iPad by Ann Droyd

Illustrations: David Milgrim