10/06/2011 10:57 am ET | Updated Dec 06, 2011

Tracy Morgan Spanks Shaq On 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon had a pretty eventful "Late Night" Wedneday night. Not only did Conan O'Brien drop by the NBC studio for the first time since his boot from "The Tonight Show," but Tracy Morgan made a random appearance just to make a callback to a classic "SNL" sketch.

For those who don't remember how hilarious it first looked when Shaquille O'Neal laid across Tracy's comparatively tiny lap, it happened back in 1998 when Shaq appeared on "Saturday Night Live" in a sketch known as "Big Bernard" (you can watch it below).

Last night on "Late Night," Tracy appeared out of nowhere, stayed on stage for just about a minute and made sure to reference the sketch in the most literal way possible. See for yourself!


WATCH: The original "SNL" sketch