Airline Passenger Caught With Brass Knuckles, Other Prohibited Weapons

10/07/2011 08:51 am ET | Updated Dec 07, 2011

A man traveling through John F. Kennedy Airport was nabbed by the TSA Tuesday with a cache of prohibited weapons in his checked luggage.

Ahmed Aboukhabar, 31, of Alexandria, Egypt was flying to Paris when it was discovered he was carrying four sets of brass knuckles, four stun-gun batons, a dagger and a sword, reports the New York Post.

Aboukhababa apparently told authorities he needed the weapons “for personal protection” against civil unrest in Egypt.

Laws regarding what can and cannot be checked in baggage vary by location.

“Passengers who are looking to transport weapons should do two things before packing weapons in their baggage,” TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein told MSNBC. “First they should contact the local jurisdiction in which they are departing and arriving to find out the local laws as some jurisdictions have stricter weapons laws than other jurisdictions. Second, they should check the TSA web site to find out the proper way to pack firearms.

In August, two men bound for Amsterdam were questioned by Dutch authorities after U.S. officials found a cell phone taped to a Pepto Bismol bottle and a knife and box cutter in their checked luggage. And, earlier this week, a JFK passenger en route to Istanbul was apprehended after a large knife was found in his checked bag. The man, however, later told HuffPost that he was an aid worker and needed the knife as a tool to help farmers in Kenya.

Before traveling, check out the TSA's Prohibited Item List, or download the My TSA mobile app, and enter an item into the "Can I Bring?" feature.

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