10/07/2011 02:23 pm ET | Updated Dec 07, 2011

'Battle Bible' Returned: World War II Veteran's Widow Receives Husband's Mini Prayer Book (VIDEO)

Lorene Thompson might be able to attest to the expression, "the best things come in small packages."

On Thursday the Alabama widow received a special delivery containing her late husband's battle bible, a miniature prayer book he received during his service in World War II, WHNT reports.

A Pennsylvania woman bought the keepsake at a yard sale 20 years ago. A state senator received it as a gift and contacted Albertville, Ala., veteran and councilman Chuck Ellis to help him trace the owner, who had scribbled his name and hometown on one of the pages, according to WAFF. The inscription read: "Joe Thompson, Route 4, Albertville, Alabama."

Ellis stumbled across the veteran's tombstone while walking through a local cemetery. He saw Lorene's dateless headstone next to his and figured she was still living in the area, WHNT recounts.

Lorene said her husband eventually became a preacher and collected bibles. No one knows when or where Thompson lost the "matchbox-sized" prayer book.

An earlier report by WAFF states that it was common for soldiers to sell items to get back home.

The widow married her husband in 1945, shortly after he came back from the war.

Thompson was able to retrieve a valuable item from her late husband's past, but a recent story has one fallen Navy Seal's widow searching for a lost wedding band.

Kimberly Vaughn, whose husband was killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan in August, wore her husband's wedding band on her thumb. She lost the ring on her way home from Texas and has launched a Facebook campaign as a plea for others to help her locate it.

Perhaps a happy ending is in store for her as well.

For more on Thompson's story, view the full report from WAFF above.