10/07/2011 10:19 am ET | Updated Dec 07, 2011

Dandy Warhols 'Bohemian Like You' Used During Theresa May Speech, Not Primal Scream's 'Rocks'

What began as a Primal Scream problem has been turned over to The Dandy Warhols.

The trouble started earlier this week, when UK Home Secretary Theresa May used a song at a Conservative party conference that was thought to be Primal Scream's 1994 song "Rocks." Apparently, someone at the conference wrongly informed Labour MP Kerry McCarthy that it was the Primal Scream song, and McCarthy had what is the knee-jerk reaction nowadays -- took to Twitter to post a link to the lyrics, which begin like so: "Dealers keep dealing'/Thieves keep thieving'/Whores keep whorin'/Junkies keep scorn'/Trade is on the meat rack/Strip joints full of hunchbacks/Bitches keep bitchin'/Clap keeps itching'."

Why he wanted everyone to associate these lyrics with the Tory Party is another confusing twist. Long story short, this traveled down the Twitter-vine to Primal Scream themselves, who, what do you know, also took to Twitter (before they issued an official statement) to express their unhappiness.

"We would like to distance ourselves from this sick association," Primal Scream tweeted on Wednesday. "The Tories are waging a war on the disenfranchised, They are the enemy."

Ho ho, but wait just a second. This was no Primal Scream song. It was The Dandy Warhol's 2000 song "Bohemian Like You" that May used, yet another song with lyrics that don't quite mesh with the Tory message.

This made The Dandy Warhols want to barf. The bands' frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor posted a hate-filled response on their website:

"WTF? Where do I bitch about this? I’ll tear their fuggin heads off. Well maybe not but this happened to us in an Arkansas gubernatorial race and it makes me super angry. And then I wanna puke."

He continued: "Why don’t these assholes have right-wing bands make them some right-wing music for their right-wing jerkoff politics? Oh, because right wing people aren’t creative, visionary or any fun to be around. Nor are they productive or even introspective about it. Wait, I live in Portland, Oregon….neither are left-wingers come to think of it."

And ended:

"Fuck, now I’m pissed off."

The point here is, nobody wants Theresa May using their music.

This isn't the first time a musician has gotten peeved at a conservative politician. Tom Petty hit Michele Bachmann with a cease-and-desist when she played "American Girl" to close her campaign announcement back in June. But she did it again anyways.

For the rest of us whose words aren't being used to prop up ideals we don't believe in, something good has come out of this! These are both excellent songs, which we will now happily revisit. Do you think anyone should be forgiven for mixing them up?

Dandy Warhols, "Bohemian Like You":

Primal Scream, "Rocks":