10/07/2011 10:38 am ET | Updated Dec 07, 2011

Dumbbell Cutlery: When You Need To Work Out And Eat At The Same Time

Whimsical invention site The Cheeky may have just created the best weight loss tool ever. It has introduced dumbbell cutlery, which, according to the website, is "a must for people actively looking to lose weight but not prepared to stop eating."

The website explains:

Eat yourself skinny with these 1kg knives and forks and the 2kg dessert spoon (because you only use one hand fatty). This is going to revolutionise the diet industry and that is why they are so damn expensive (and they are hand made).

The cost for the dessert spoon is $70 and the knife and fork combo is $120. Or, if you're really trying to shed those pounds, buy all three here for $160.

The Cheeky may have some competition though, the Knife and Fork Lift has been around for a few years. Both the fork and knife weigh 1.5 pounds are are only $39.95 for both.