10/07/2011 06:50 pm ET | Updated Dec 07, 2011

Protesters At World Bank, IMF Thank Police

WASHINGTON -- Dozens of young college-age people who have been active in the OccupyDC and "Stop the Machine" protests marched through downtown early Friday evening, stopping in front of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund headquarters in Foggy Bottom.

While escorted by police, at times stopping traffic, several people lead chants through the use of a megaphone. Some brought portable acoustic instruments to boost the noise, and many carried homemade signs.

Many at the "Stop the Machine" protest have been anti-war, but the clear theme emerging from those marching Friday evening to the IMF was to raise taxes and create awareness of the disparity between the wealthiest persons and the rest of society.

The protesters crept by inches toward the front door of the IMF where police stood guard in a straight line, holding them off from entering the building, located a few blocks west of the White House. The people at the front came within only a few feet from the police but there were no confrontations that led to arrests. At times, the protesters chanted "We are on your side" to the police.

Before leaving, several protesters started shouting "Thank you" to the officers. Their point was that they included police as a part of their "99 percent" who do not have mass control on the nation's wealth.

After stopping at the IMF, protesters turned their attention toward K Street NW, traditionally known as the central corridor for lobbying firms in the nation's capital.

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