Zach Galifianakis' Cupcake Emergency

10/07/2011 03:25 pm ET | Updated Dec 07, 2011

There are plenty of celebrities who abuse their star power to get what they want, but "Bored To Death" star Zach Galifianakis relied on his verbal skills to get him out of a recent cupcake emergency.

According to The Daily the actor was in desperate need of 500 gluten-free vegan cupcakes the day before his 42nd birthday, and turned to the busy Manhattan bakery, Babycakes to get him out of the jam.

But 500 cupcakes is a tall order, and the bakery owner told the paper they initially refused the actor's request.

Galifinakis clearly wanted to celebrate his birthday with these very specific cupcakes, and ultimately the actor was able to use his power of persuasion, but had to agree to mini cupcakes instead.

Turns out the "The Hangover" star handed out the cupcakes to the audience attending his appearance at the New Yorker Festival last week, and led the audience in singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Birthday."

The actor was apparently very grateful to the bakery and didn't expect any freebies. Not too surprising since he doesn't seem to have a lot of respect for the concept of celebrity in general. At the New Yorker talk he said:

"I just find actors so shitty, I just hate them. Ego is funny to me.... I just wanted to mock celebrities."

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