10 Things To Do Before The Semester Ends...Or You Graduate

10/08/2011 12:37 pm ET | Updated Dec 08, 2011

October has snuck up on us all, and I’m starting to feel a little unaccomplished. The leaves are changing, iced coffees are turning into pumpkin spice lattes and the semester is well underway…as in I’ve already failed about 3 or 4 tests, but who’s counting?

This month, let’s all carpe diem it: ask out that boy with the irreverent comments in your American Lit. class, start your own college publication or finally win at beer pong. You can do it friends; I have faith in you.

Below are some essential things to do this semester, a bucket list of sorts. Go out there and make me proud.

1. Learn To MeditateWe all need a little zen in our lives.

2. Attend A Guest LectureYou will be pleasantly surprised how interesting “grown ups” can be.

3. Write A Letter Of Forgiveness To your ex boyfriend, your old roommate who shaved off one of your eyebrows, to your TA who didn’t respond to your advances…just let it all go!

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