10/08/2011 02:51 pm ET | Updated Dec 08, 2011

'Occupy What Street': Comedian Travis Irvine Interviews Occupy Wall Street Protesters (VIDEO)

While the Occupy Wall Street protest is gaining momentum and getting more organized, no large group of people has ever convened with a few characters in silly hats with digeridoos showing up. The prospect of catching some of those folks on tape can often be irresistible.

Comedian Travis Irvine recently went down to the OWS protest in Manhattan to chat with whoever would stop and talk to him, and right away he realized a problem: the protest isn't actually on Wall St. But, then, Occupy Cedar Street doesn't have as catchy a ring to it.

While talking to various occupiers, he got the scoop on funny hats, the 99% and found out that if you mistake a guy in a suit for a banker he gets angry and steals your ID.

FYI, if anyone has a spare $10, Travis could use it.